What should my IT strategy look like?

We’ve been in the game for a long time, and the most important thing we’ve learnt is that IT strategy isn’t what many people think it is. There’s 3 crucial things that your strategy needs to be successful.

Your IT strategy should be:

  • Difficult, costly or time consuming for your competitors to replicate
  • Designed to create an unfair advantage or overcome a significant obstacle
  • Protected, sustainable and enduring

It’s not about common sense, BAU, or getting your ducks in a row. It’s about knowing what your secret sauce is and how to capitalise on it. Because, if you don’t – someone else will.

Don’t be derailed by the “next big thing.” Be the next big thing.

Unisphere practices a Pure Strategy methodology. That means separating operational excellence from true strategic planning. Your company could be operating at a very high level without digital strategy. That’s great, but it’s not sustainable. It means you’re not thinking forward to the next thing to shake up the market. It means you’re not going to see that market disruptor coming.

Our team of experts can help build the foundation of an enduring strategy that’ll keep your business ahead of the curve. We’ll help you find your unfair advantage, and align IT capabilities to business objectives to pave the path to success.

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