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James Dickinson the Director of Unisphere specialises in pure strategy, is an experienced public speaker with a tremendous depth of experience in all thing’s technology related, including; cyber security, IT operations & strategic alignment. Advising a number of boards, he also has a great track record in governance and risk. Having held senior marketing, product management, sales, strategy and CIO roles, James takes a 360 degree view to solving complex technology problems, rather than adopting a technology centric view.

Unisphere is set up to be the technology execs you need, when you need them - without term contracts or having to hire someone full time. This provides organisations the on-demand expertise to help you shape your organisations secure digital future.

When he's not addressing a board or poised in front of a whiteboard, you'll find James immersed in his passion for the outdoors, either; in the surf, on a bike or supporting his families horse riding endeavors.


Your C-Suite Team

James Dickinson


With global CIO and CSO experience, James specialises in IT and Cyber strategy. Having delivered many successful transformations both large and small, James analytical and strategy first approach will see you staying secure and achieving your goals – however lofty.

Carlo Bussen


Carlo is a CIO, with Digital/ICT management experience, passionate about delivering business excellence. Valuable contributor to business strategy with the experience to deliver, and a firm belief that technology is a business enablement, optimisation and improvement tool.

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Matt Archer


Dealing with technical complexity, hyper growth and emerging tech is where Matt has spent the last decade. Having been deeply involved in a number of SaaS startups Matt is bringing his depth of experience to the NZ mid-market to inject that hard earned expertise.

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Tanya Diamond


At the end of the day you can only sit back and claim what has been delivered and this is where Tanya shines. With multi industry experience Tanya has built a reputation on developing strong & cohesive teams and guiding them to deliver extraordinary results.

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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update
All Unisphere staff are able to work from the comfort and safety of home. We are able to therefore help keep your business running securely whilst your staff are working remotely also.

Unisphere is about providing advice to enable you to ensure your business is secure against modern cyber threats and can surpass your competition through the use of technology as a strategic enabler.


How to be genuinely agile isn't as hard as you may think.

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