About Us

Unisphere Solutions is a fully independent IT consulting company offering IT strategy, business strategy, digital transformation and cyber security advisory services optimised for mid-sized NZ business. Our model is designed to help you spend the right money in the right places, without the cost of full time or fixed-term contract IT specialists.

Our passion for helping businesses use IT as a strategic enabler is what drives us every day. We want to make sure that every NZ organisation has access to the digital capability they need, no matter the budget.

With IT ruling our existence and underpinning every dollar we earn, it’s imperative that it is working for you. How do you know you are working as effectively, efficiently and securely as possible? Are you getting the independent advice you need to deliver an outcome aligned to your business strategy? We can help.

What sets us apart?

Unlike many other IT services companies, we deliberately don’t offer our own IT capability. When we founded Unisphere, we made a conscious choice to remain 100% independent of any particular systems. We have great relationships with many service providers, but we don’t have a vested interest in any. That way, you can be sure that we’re tailoring advice specific to your needs and budget.


Our Services

Our principal consultants operate in a virtual CIO, CTO, CSO or CTrO capacity for your firm, and we also offer project-based consulting, agile project management and specialist services like application penetration testing and solution architecture.

We can customise solutions in areas such as:

- Scheduled regular onsite vCIO support

- IT and Business Strategy development

- Independent solution design or review

- Independent board advisory

- Cyber current state assessment

- Cyber remediation planning

- Digital Transformation planning and support

- RFP writing and management

- IT leadership mentoring

- Keynote speaking

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