Chief Technology Officer



What’s the difference between a CTO and a CIO? Do you need one, or both? Here’s a brief summary.



Looks outward see what the technology can do for others (i.e. customers or partners)

Looks inward to see how technology can enable growth and operational excellence

Creative technologist

Strategy specialist

So if you’re looking to grow your revenue rapidly with technology as the enabler, a CTO is for you.

Our CTOs have a passion for hyper growth and emerging tech. We take an output-led approach to solving business challenges, and have put that into practice across many SaaS start-ups and NZ mid-market companies. Our CTOs have been involved in leading teams to deliver over 4000% growth in 3 years.

We can offer several different levels of CTO service, according to your needs and budget. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

Meet our CTO

Anthony McMahon

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