Matt Weston

Matt Weston
Solution Architect & Virtual Tech Lead

A skilled technology team leader, with hands on experience of over 15 years in development and delivery of software applications.

Matt is a cloud and web app specialist. He co-founded the free platform Swiftly, with a passion for helping NZ businesses grow no matter their budget constraints. 

Matt is an independent DevOps/Cloud consultant. He is available to support projects involving Infrastructure as Code, AWS/CloudFormation, Azure, DevOps, Containerisation/Docker, and has a strong background in the Microsoft development stack (.NET Framework, .NET Core and SQL Server). 

Matt is driven to deliver outsized value for customers - and is always keen to lean on appropriate frameworks and tooling to deliver projects. With a deep pool of knowledge and experience in delivery of secure microservice API's and mobile applications to draw on, as well as integrating with and supporting existing legacy solutions on a variety of platforms - he will get up to speed with your business quickly.

Customers appreciate Matt's ability to explain complex technology concepts simply and clearly and he is an excellent mentor and teacher. He's able to bridge the gap between the deep tech side and the business side - making sure everyone is on the same page.

When not writing code, you'll find Matt playing a board or video game.