Kat Lennox-Steele

Kat Lennox-Steele
Information Security Analyst

With extensive experience working in and alongside both SME's and community groups, Kat brings a wealth of knowledge on cyber security best practices, processes and policies.

Kat has extensive experience in customer service, easily building rapport with both her team and customers during her 12 years in retail operations and management in a range of businesses from small to corporate retail stores. Kat has also supported her colleagues and customers with technical solutions in varied environments and is well-practised in coaching and training others, using her ability to translate the technical into every-day language. Streamlining operational process toolkits for staff to enable effective and efficient time management and organisation is one of her strengths.

After discovering a passion for cyber security and deciding to take on her bachelor’s degree in Computing Systems, Kat offers skills in risk assessment, analysis and vulnerability management. Customising formal governance to fit your specific business needs and using technology to conduct a thorough investigation, Kat is able to provide an indication of your current cyber security state and provide actionable tasks to lift your business's cyber posture. She will work with your in-house or out-sourced IT support team to get your business in the best state, with realistic, customised expectations and budget satisfactory results. She also believes policy is a key tool to foster understanding and consistency across a business as well as the continual improvement and implementation of well-defined new practices, processes, and standards where they do not already exist.

Kat is enthusiastic about promoting education, training, and a culture of cyber security awareness in enterprise environments, as well as reaching out beyond businesses to include more vulnerable groups in online safety programs. When she’s not busy with work, Kat enjoys reading, baking, home crafts, spending time with her young family, or heading to the cinemas.