Dirk Reinhold

Dirk Reinhold
Data Architect & Business Analyst

Dirk delivers data insights across a wide range of industries from financial services to service management and sales and many more.

Having spent his academic years in Germany studying Information Management and Business and Competitive Intelligence, Dirk soon found his sweet spot working to make sense of organisational data.

Dirk has more than 15 years of experience helping decision makers become better informed by data, develop a deeper understanding of underlying trends and what that means for their competitive advantage using actionable insight. A big part of this experience is surfacing the real insights that hide behind all those existing reports, which most of the time also let to the discovery that at the end of that process there will be fewer but more actionable reports. And that is a good thing.

Dirk also dedicates parts of his working week helping New Zealand charities innovate their data management, processes and reporting. There he gets to do fun things like fundraising insights, spatial and demographic insights, strategic planning of bringing large datasets in-house and building roadmaps for rolling out dashboards across teams all over the country.

Finally, Dirk loves mountains and volcanoes. A lot. So, when he’s not at work you probably find him tramping somewhere cold with proper elevation, which can mean on a snowboard depending on the time of year. He’s also a musician that played some crazy gigs with some well-known bands, and should you ever build a house he can probably help you out because he is also a surveyor by trade from a time well before all that data came along.