Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst

Protect your mission critical data

Good information security practice is critical to protecting your client sensitive and mission-critical data and systems which is achieved through the process of risk analysis and vulnerability management. An Information Security Analyst can assist your team by providing further insights and recommendations for development and changes to be implemented that support and promote healthy cyber posture. We utilise our MVP methodology and policies to work towards compliance and bring your organisation to a level of protection within best practices, industry standards and compliance.

Meet the Team

Kat McConnell is our resident Information Security Analyst at Unisphere Solutions, and offers skills in risk assessment, analysis and vulnerability management. Customising formal governance to fit your specific business needs and using technology to conduct a thorough investigation, Kat is able to provide an indication of your current cyber security state and provide actionable tasks to lift your business's cyber posture. She will work with your in-house or out-sourced IT support team to get your business in the best state, with realistic, customised expectations and budget satisfactory results.

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