Matt Archer

Matt Archer

Dealing with technical complexity, hyper growth and emerging tech is where Matt has spent the last decade. Having been deeply involved in a number of SaaS startups Matt is bringing his depth of experience to the NZ mid-market to inject that hard earned expertise.

Matt is an experienced CIO who brings his strong people and process skills to deliver an output led approach to solving business challenges.  His broad range of IT experience across the IT Stack, enables him to gather and lead the existing technical experts in an organization and identify the missing components critical for success. Strong project and system governance skills enable clarity to be delivered both to both stakeholders and those working on the coal face.

Recently working over the last decade in high growth SaaS businesses, Matt has participated in leading teams that have delivered over 4000% growth in 3 years. Working across different geographical regions and time zones, Matt has designed and implemented the infrastructure required to see Pushpay, Cin7 and Whip Around be market leaders in their space.

In his spare time, Matt is die-hard fan of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team and loves flying and tinkering with drone technology.

Expertise:  Matt will bring to your team the following 

  • Clarity in Communication – Ability to unlock the requirements of your project fully, then working with your team to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in it.
  • Technology Design and Selection – Ensuring the right choice is made before fully committing the business to execution. Then selecting the right partner, price and approach to ensure the ROI is realized for the business.
  • Cyber Security and Compliance – Strong understanding of the underlying role of best security practice and industry compliance. Working to both educate the business and achieve / retain external compliance specific to your industry.
  • IT Management and Governance – Experience in “Product led” environments, have necessitated both conformity for the business and flexibility of approach; to ensure speed to market is not compromised. Matt’s strong management skills deliver the balance of financial accountability alongside team empowerment.

Core SkillSets Matt delivers:

Solution Architecture – Understands how things hold together to maximize business value

Project Management – Identifies the critical path to success and holds everyone on it 

Strategic Planning – Builds plans to mitigate risk and support faster paths to market

Team Development – Gets the right people on the bus and gets them in the right seats 

Cloud Infrastructure – Ensure everything built can scale and grow in today’s business environment