Carlo Bussen

Carlo Bussen

Carlo is a CIO, with Digital/ICT management experience, passionate about delivering business excellence. Valuable contributor to business strategy with the experience to deliver, and a firm belief that technology is a business enablement, optimisation and improvement tool.

Carlo is a CIO, with Digital/ICT management experience and is passionate about delivering business excellence.  An experienced contributor to business strategy and driver of that strategy, with a firm belief that technology is a business enablement, optimisation and improvement tool.  He is a sound communicator and decision-maker, who has the courage to make the right decisions to ensure business objectives are met through diplomatic and effective influencing and negotiating.  He also has a background in accountancy and is a qualified chartered accountant. 

His past experience includes being the CIO at Nalco, a nation-wide aluminium manufacturer, for 8 years.  He became the CIO of Altus, when Fletcher Aluminium and Nalco merged their operations, and was responsible for creating a new ICT team and the consolidation of all core and edge ICT systems, including the ERP solutions.  Prior to his CIO roles Carlo was a director at Envisage Systems, which he sold after 10 years. Envisage was a software development company.

In his spare time Carlo enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Carlo’s expertise includes:

  • Experience in merging different cultures, work practices and technologies.
  • Experience in consolidating technology teams, critical ERP and infrastructure systems across to 2 large manufacturing organisations in New Zealand.  
  • Practiced in implementing solutions and business plans successfully in complex environments, with a deep understanding of complex manufacturing environments and experience in creating and building efficient and effective manufacturing systems to service the customer.
  • A proven ability to make a valuable contribution by helping to deliver products to customers in a timely, efficiently and customer-friendly manner and by streamlining internal processes and financial reporting.
  • Experience in selecting, implementing and upgrading ERP systems in complex manufacturing environments. Developed the mobile strategy for Altus and developed the mobile application for customers and the sales team.
  • Experience with integrating disparate environments, for example in-house developed quotation systems with an off-the-shelf SAP ERP system.

Carlo’s Key Competencies

Relationship Management - A builder of collaborative, customer-focused cultures and strong long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Leadership Skills - Passionate about positively encouraging independence, confidence, motivation and self-responsibility within my team. Coaches team members and peers for higher performance.

Strategic Thinking - Sees the wider picture, our unique value proposition, how to take this to market and the practical implementation which supports the vision and objectives.

Commercial Acumen - Understands market drives and global trends and how they impact the business locally. Places high. importance on ROI, market share, margins and profitability.

Change Management - Develops a clear vision and plan for change. Keeps everyone informed and maintains a focus on the positive side of change by building on capability and success.