There are three key risks in business with regard to Cyber or Information Security.
1. Revenue
2. Reputation
3. Regulation

Unisphere offers a rapid assessment approach to helping you understand your Cyber risk profile, relative to your industry and business profile. We call this your MVP - Minimum Viable Protection and seek to set a minimum baseline to which you won't be considered negligent. Guiding you to spend the right amount of money in the right places to appropriately secure your business.

We'd love to help raise the level of Cyber awareness and defense capability across business in New Zealand so please get in contact. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how inexpensive it is to gain an understanding of your Cyber posture and plan the path forward if you are deficient in some areas.

Unisphere practices a proprietary methodology called Minimum Viable Protection. This practice quantifies your risk exposure first, then provides appropriate cyber coverage to secure your; revenue, reputation and regulatory exposure at the minimal possible cost .