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The Unisphere Solutions model gives you as much or as little of the specific senior IT executive skills you need - when you need them. We call this our virtual tech exec model.

This model offers different levels of CIO as a service (CIOaaS), as well as other core IT executive roles to help you achieve IT excellence.

IT is the critical enabler to the modern business and getting it right is part art, part science and a whole lot of collaboration, teamwork and humility. We like to think of IT of consisting of 6 core components, with the CIO playing the part of the conductor.

The 6 Core Components of IT

1. IT Strategy & Architecture
2. Cyber Security
3. Proactive Maintenance
4. Reactive Support
5. Projects
6. Service Level Management & Governance

To be proficient in all 6, the skill set and experience needed is vast. So vast in fact that hiring effective in-house IT leaders has become a very expensive exercise in today’s market.

The virtual tech execs at Unisphere Solutions can help. We are passionate about remaining independent of any one technology. Our team practices a pure strategy methodology and takes a takes a 360 degree view to solving complex technology problems, rather than adopting a technology centric view. That means you’re guaranteed unbiased, independent guidance. We’ve got no hats in the ring when it comes to one solution or another, and that’s why our customers trust us to truly look out for their best interests.

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Meet the Team

CIOs - Business and IT Strategy and alignment

CTOs - Technology, integration and IT operations

CSO / CISOs - Cyber and information security

CTrOs - Change management, people and culture development, digital first strategy

Business Analysts - Process building and redesigning

Agile Project Managers Project delivery and benefit realisation

Solution Architects - Infrastructure, cloud, application and security

Pen Testers - Application penetration testing to secure your assets

Information Security Analyst - Risk analysis and vulnerability management

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