chief information officer as a service

CIOaaS or vCIO

Does my company need a CIO?

If your organisation relies on internal or external IT capability, you probably need a CIO. Your CIO is a business leader, who works with other leaders in your organisation to align IT strategy to business strategy. A CIO will act as the intermediary between the business and your service providers, and constantly improve and evolve your business using IT as a strategic enabler.

About Our CIOs

100% independent

Unlike many IT companies in NZ, Unisphere Solutions is 100% independent. We work closely with leading IT service providers, but we aren’t tied to any. That means you can count on a CIO who guides you to the best solution for your business. We can offer a completely unbiased view on which technologies or providers will work best for you.

Decades of Experience

Our team of C-suite executives is headed up by our Director and CIO James Dickinson. James advises a number of boards, and is an experienced public speaker and online contributor. Under his direction, the Unisphere Solutions team takes a 360 degree view to solving complex technology problems, rather than adopting a technology-centric view.

Flexible Services

More and more mid-sized NZ businesses are choosing CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) because it’s cost-effective, low risk, and good value. We know that no two businesses are the same, so we can cater a CIO service that suits your budget. Here’s an example of what CIOaaS could look like for you:

  • Advice, oversight and consulting
  • On-site, on-demand dedicated CIO resource
  • Dedicated board member

If you’re not sure whether you need a CIO, CTO, CTrO or CISO, never fear. We’re here to help.

Meet our CIOs

                                                                                           James Dickinson   Tanya Diamond


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