CERT NZ's Cyber Smart Week 2020: 19-23 October

08 Oct

Cyber Smart Week is run by CERT New Zealand with the purpose of increasing  the awareness and cyber resilience all New Zealander's so that they are less vulnerable to attacks. There are a number of things you can do to engage your team in Cyber Smart week with a few simple actions and some fun activities. 

Phishing Simulation Training

Did you known that phishing is the number 1 threat to most businesses and these attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated? Social engineering targets the human factor of a system and attempts to coerce or trick people into performing actions that could compromise themselves and your business. Using phishing simulation training is a great way to raise awareness about these type of email threats by sending mock phishing emails to your workforce to help them spot the fakes and recognize suspicious requests, just in case they manage to slip through other protective measures like security gateways. The results will highlight key risks and give you focus for future training events. Sharing the results with your staff to let them know how they're performing against their co-workers and will inspire them to become more dilligent.

Cyber Security Training Exercises

Why not create a competition between teams or staff and have the winners rewarded for their efforts? Incentivized training can be a great way to get your workforce engaged in cyber security training. There are many options that could include online training platforms, a cyber security workshop or a daily quiz.

Promote Cyber Security

Adding posters to commonly used areas and throughout the workplace puts cyber security concepts right in front of your teams noses. Making them bright and attractive helps to garner more attention. You could devise a daily email for Cyber Smart Week with a tip on how to improve cyber security, increasing the likelihood of these messages being seen by your team. You could even go as far as to change the backgrounds on company owned devices to display a cyber security message.


CERT NZ have created a number of resources for use on their website, and you can access these here

Please note that all content has an embargo effective until 18th October 2020, but you can use the content to assist with your planning for now.

Image sourced from https://www.cert.govt.nz

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